A One-Off Car by Niels van Roij Design

Continuing a legacy of success is a challenge for any company. Niels van Roij Design has demonstrated its ability to transform these challenges into unique masterpieces. With its one-off creations, Niels van Roij Design proves its prowess in crafting the world’s most exclusive and luxurious automobiles.

The true essence of luxury is individuality. Each one-off car is at the forefront of automotive excellence. It is a sculptural beauty with unique technology, the ideal gran turismo. From SUV to sedan, from shooting brake to coupé – combining the comfort of a luxury limousine with the power of a sports car: everything is possible.

A pioneering spirit, a passion for perfection, and the relentless pursuit of innovation have been the cornerstones of Niels van Roij Design since its inception. “Our heritage is both a privilege and a responsibility – to carry it forward with honor. With each creation, we pay homage to our legacy while advancing technology, luxury, and aesthetics into a new era. Each new car embodies elegance through minimalism and refinement through intensification, reflecting the Niels van Roij Design styling house’s commitment to bespoke craftsmanship comparable to haute couture fashion.

More Than a Reinterpretation

For instance the Breadvan Hommage, this creation is far more than a modern take on a classic. It is a celebration of aesthetics. With an extended front end and distinctive design lines, the car exudes elegance. Its purism and elegance are reflected in the smooth surfaces and clear lines. The bumpers are seamlessly integrated into the body in the front, whilst the back does not have any bumper. The windscreen flows effortlessly into the side windows, creating a unified and uninterrupted visual flow. This car is designed for high speed racing.

Every component has been meticulously handcrafted, and the carbon fiber bodied seats feature a deep, glossy finish only interrupted by the ultrafine blue Alcantara seat inserts. This material has been perfected. We refined this design until it was flawless. For us, the Breadvan Hommage represents the perfect form with a perfect finish.

A Technical Masterpiece

At the heart of this creation is a powerful engine – a testament to engineering excellence. “This engine is not just a powerhouse; it is the heart of the vehicle and a technical marvel. It is both extremely powerful and a work of art,” enthuses Niels van Roij. The V12 engine delivers exceptional power and performance, making this car a true masterpiece. It is in view too, with its polished top end, visible through the window in the heart of the bonnet.



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