Morgan based one-off

Morgan Motor Company makes beautiful cars and Niels van Roij Design have been known for their delightfull celebrations of coachbuilding. What if the two of the most esteemed names in the industry would work together? Created to honor the heyday of European roadsters and sportscar designs, this special edition sketches of 3 cars embodies the vision of Niels van Roij Design, collaborating to reinterpret and celebrate the timeless Morgan silhouette.

The three cars are a possible client project, and they showcase the flexibility of Niels van Roij Design while highlighting the rare craftsmanship of the artisans who hand-form every element of the distinctive body. Built on Morgan’s chassis, each car features a six-cylinder turbocharged engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission – but share no body panels. We are incredibly proud to present these 3 Niels van Roij Design possible limited-run special projects, that celebrates coachbuilding and embodies Niels van Roij Design’s core values and the pinnacle of our artisans’ craft skills. Each model is dedicated to different enthusiasts, yet each relish an unconventional, sensory, and analogue driving experience.

Coachbuild Morgan

By identifying and reinterpreting Morgan’s DNA, the three cars transform legacy into a charming, sophisticated, and timeless new type of aesthetics. Three versions, three visions, threee possibilities. The success of this Niels van Roij Design exercise demonstrates what is possible through collaboration with like-minded individuals, and it has been both memorable and rewarding to work with Niels van Roij Design to bring this special project to life. Niels van Roij Design, with its legacy of coachbuilding and design, has introduced cutting-edge design and visualisation expertise, alongside fresh ideas during a time when Morgan is on an exciting journey. It has been a pleasure to welcome new and existing customers to experience Niels van Roij Design design work based on the Morgan chassis and we have been overwhelmed by the positive reception so far. These three unique examples of possible coachbuilding projects, bridge art and design, epitomizes what Morgan as well as Niels van Roij Design does best. With traditions, cultures, and years of experience united by a deeply held belief in craftsmanship, that heart beats stronger than ever.



Are you curious about the possibilities of coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design for you? Let’s discuss all unique options for your tailor made dream car! Just like your bespoke suit, house and garden, your car deserves your excellent taste. Through coachbuidling by Niels van Roij Design it is possible to co-create your own dream car with us