Niels van Roij Design car styling

Our customers around the world have crafted one-of-a-kind vehicles inspired by their favorite places and experiences, thanks to the guidance of Niels van Roij Design designers. For the ultimate in personal commissioning, Niels van Roij Design Coachbuilt offers ultra-exclusive, limited-series vehicles. Our team of designers, engineers, and artisans collaborate to create your dream car, from initial concept to final creation. These bespoke vehicles set new standards in luxury design, catering to the unique demands of each customer. Some are part of limited production runs, while others are singular masterpieces. For enquiries about Niels van Roij Design coachbuilt cars, speak directly to us via our Contact form on this website.

The Story of Coachbuilding

With a rich history, coachbuilding is one of the oldest and most respected ways of viewing cars. Integral to Niels van Roij Design our studio has crafted some of the world’s most iconic vehicles.



Are you curious about the possibilities of coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design for you? Let’s discuss all unique options for your tailor made dream car! Just like your bespoke suit, house and garden, your car deserves your excellent taste. Through coachbuidling by Niels van Roij Design it is possible to co-create your own dream car with us