Bentley one-off: Luxury or Over-the-Top Extravagance?

Bentley’s one-off by Niels van Roij Design is a far less compromised coachbuilt offering compared to others. First, because it has a windscreen and a roof – not the case with a host of modern one-offs these days. Making it usable in everyday life rather than a future garage queen. This Bentley donor car is  a most special model and a coherent and creation compared to its competitors from other offerings.

The Coachbuild Bentley

Though based on the Continental GT, the Niels van Roij Design proposal does not features excessive oriental ornamentation. This is a stylish luxury concept —which is not visually overwhelming and aesthetically underwhelming as some modern takes.

The Continental Platform: Bentley’s Quintessential Proportions

The bespoke BEntley designed by our studio also underscores that the Continental’s platform, superior to many underpinnings, achieves the quintessential Bentley proportions. Soft Graphics and consistent Design: The bespoke Bentley.



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