Niels van Roij Design coachbuild

At Niels van Roij Design we take great pride in spearheading the Coachbuilding movement. This remarkable collaboration blends Morgan’s 115-year coachbuilding philosophy with Niels van Roij Design’s tradition of designing and crafting bespoke vehicles. The already unique legacy of the two car makers, could be combined with a vision by a Morgan owner to produce an unparalleled result in our industry. Through the seamless synergy between our teams and the shared passion of design, a new masterpiece emerges, – or actually – three masterpieces. Blending Dutch design and British heritage. The forthcoming three cars are adorned with the Niels van Roij Design touch.

A Coach-built Collaboration

The collaboration between Niels van Roij Design and her patrons always merge from a wider desire for clients to create a limited-run special, based on their vision. Often also to celebrate and demonstrate the diversity of the donor car – in this case Morgan. How to innovate and evolve an instantly recognisable design, whilst simultaneously evolving it. A history of coachbuilding and a joint passion for design, are united by our clients and our Niels van Roij Design studio following a chance conversation, an internet search of magazine article.

Niels van Roij Design’s three striking designs are the result of intense collaboration in the studio. Countless hours were dedicated to the exploration the brand, taking time to educate on the philosophy and story underpinning of the Morgan company. This exploration included understanding the heritage, capabilities, and design. The result is a line-up of three possible models that remain true to the principles of Morgan, yet each of them show key elements of potential future Morgan based design projects: mixed with the flair and purity of Niels van Roij Design styling.

An exposure to the elements, a closeness to your surroundings and a raw connection to your machine are all qualities that have defined Morgan cars for generations. Niels van Roij Design’s 3 visions pushes these to the extreme thanks to its barchetta design, chosen specifically for this purpose. From its high-quality materials to its visceral driving character, these designs deliver a sensory experience that is unsurpassed.



Are you curious about the possibilities of coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design for you? Let’s discuss all unique options for your tailor made dream car! Just like your bespoke suit, house and garden, your car deserves your excellent taste. Through coachbuidling by Niels van Roij Design it is possible to co-create your own dream car with us