BMW one-off

BMW enhanced by Niels van Roij Design

Exclusive wood finishes, metallic analogue instruments. Tactile mechanical touch. Machined solid precious metals. Aluminium, rose gold, white gold, mother-of-pearl, black ebony or even diamond. With our coachbuilding and design studio anything is possible. You can order a bespoke picnic basket to fit inside the boot of your BMW X7. The artisans at Niels van Roij Design offer you endless options. Which stitching works best? Leather and Alcantara cuttings of various colours were put on the steering wheel. Does your BMW look better with blue inserts? An exclusive leather selection? Dynamic duo-tone paints, to enhance the design of your personal coachbuilt BMW. Commission your own unique hue to make a bold personal statement with Niels van Roij Design. That’s what makes Niels van Roij Design coachbuilding feel so inherently special. Whichever BMW dream you have, begin your special adventure by contacting Niels van Roij Design.


The most luxurious BMW SUV

The BMW X7 is a celebration of BMW design. Meanwhile, through our design services we can make it thoroughly modern and unique. Beautifully refined, superbly engineered. Your personal coachbuilt BMW X7 is the most distinguished, luxurious and exclusive SUV ever made. Born of your modernist design philosophy. Subsequently, your BMW based coachbuilt car is peerless. It is exhilarating performance. It is a purity of finish. With its dramatic silhouette and sculpted lines. We can make your BMW the most luxurious car to date. Niels van Roij Design provides peerless design and precision engineering. Meanwhile, it also delivers versatility. With cargo space and capability at its very core, it is a vehicle for each and every occasion. Moreover, through our bespoke design team, we are offering endless options. Specially curated for the customers by our designers.


Make your BMW uniquely yours

The Niels van Roij Design customisation and coachbuilding program is available for all BMW cars. Through our studio customers have the chance to create their own personal BMW. Therefore, we can make your BMW extra special. In other words, there is an infinity of possible combinations available. For instance, colours and materials. For example, an embossed family crest on the seat. Or your initials stitched inside the vehicle’s interior. In addition, a hand stitched detail in the door? Likewise, a personal, branded element on your BMW exterior or dashboard? Or even a custom colour? All our work will be meeting your exacting standards of quality. What about the possibility to choose from various types of materials? For instance luxurious leathers embellished with other effects and designed together with craftspeople. Or innovative carbon fiber.

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