Bespoke luxury for BMW

Coachbuilding your BMW

It takes a high degree of design capabilities and craftsmanship to give wheels the right character. And, it is easy to overdo the work. It is up to you to determine where we go. For example, designing the wheel finishing. Niels van Roij Design goes far beyond the official range of OEM offerings. We can disassemble the wheels you have chosen for your BMW. Only then does the wheel get its colour – naturally also by hand. Because individual taste also deserves individual implementation. Our customers’ wishes are exclusive. They are reaching above those of the masses. How do we meet them? By listening to their wishes. We add many years of experience and passion from every single person working on your BMW. You as a patron can truly feel that in every last detail.


Bespoke luxury for your BMW

Niels van Roij Design offers you a truly endless range of exclusive paint finishes. We do not have a fixed pallet to choose from. Only you can provide the right inspiration for a fully individually designed paint. This means an infinite amount of different colours are available. We can also add a pinstripe or combine paints, for inspiring bicolour and duo tone, paint finishes. This will allow you as characterful client to find your own bespoke expression. No two colours are the same. Based on our personal conversations, we will present you an equally personal colour palette to choose from. Often the colours we design will change, when struck by light. You can work with the Niels van Roij Design team to create your very own colour tone. This is the most distinguishable symbol of ultimate individuality.


British Racing Green 2.0

The patron of our Tesla Model S based Shooting Brake asked us to envision a personal exterior design for him. He purchased a Tesla Model S in the Tesla OEM British Racing Green. As an ode to the shooting brake and the British origin of the concept. We then advised the patron to commission us to develop his personal colour. In particular because this one-of conversion should shine. The OEM British Racing Green colour is rather dark and flat. Our team proceeded to develop ten types of green. Ultimately the variant on these images was selected. There is a subtle metallic gold flake in this hand-mixed paint. And only at certain angles a fresh, light green can be identified. This colour was taken from the patron’s company logo. Images of the process can be seen here.

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