Bespoke luxury car

Bespoke car design for luxury brands

Our cars are conceived and designed by craftspeople and designers. Therefore, they are responsible for giving our customers a great level of car customisation. In other words, truly one off. There are some fairly special examples of what this service extends to. To clarify, this is from unique car interiors to special exteriors. For example, a one-off dashboard. Containing easter-egg commissions. More commonly it means that colour and trim options are limitless on our client vehicles. There are endless paint options, for example. You can have your own swatch colour matched too. Our coachbuilt motorcars are a feet of engineering. Craftsmanship and opulence. Comprised of machined aluminium parts. Or a carbon fibre body. Of detailing in beautiful woods and leather. Materials like black anodised aluminium. And specially coloured carbon fibre is no exception. Mother-of-Pearl spoons can been chosen for pick nick sets. They don’t impair the flavour of caviar.


Coachbuilt car, detail and luxury

Deconstruct the design of any of the Niels van Roij coachbuilding efforts. You’ll find theatrical stories. For instance, craftsmanship. And engineering. Eye for detail and luxury. Marquetry detailing, for example. Being prepared specifically on client requests. Above all, at Niels van Roij Design we want to always be focused on our customer. Most importantly, as a coachbuilder we meet their needs. We contribute to their lifestyle. It is telling how bespoke our car designs are. We refer to the customer, rather than to customers. We don’t talk about volumes either. Even of the cars we make in series, only a very small run is expected. Niels van Roij Design is not looking at a roll out pattern. Each new coachbuilt car is seen as an individual solution. One coachbuilding solution to a particular context and client at the time. As a coachbuilder we focus on the individual.


Coachbuilding for the individual

An attitude about the individual is the philosophy behind all of the coachbuilding and car design team’s work. No two coachbuilt cars are ever the same. Coachbuilds are the ultimate expression of the patron. A total one-off. Given that requests come directly from you as a customer, Niels van Roij Design doesn’t rely on market research. Rather, our coachbuilding and car design studio fosters close relationships with our customers. These individuals ask for particular customisations to their new cars. Our main aim is to always create something for the customer. At Niels van Roij Design the team is delivering specific solutions for individuals. How? By focusing on the life and habits and the lifestyle of individuals. We design coachbuilt cars to service our clients. To enhance their lifestyle.

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