Audi one-off car design

Coachbuilding your Audi

Our passion is the reason why our clients often come back for another bespoke car commission. Therefore, this means extraordinary wishes continue to be created. As a result, our cars reflect our customers in every detail. Consequently, the car design and coachbuilding work we offer is full of personality. We do one thing over everything else: we listen carefully. We follow the path of the patron. The car design process usually starts with a single line on a simple piece of paper. The humble start of something great. As a true world first we offer even more than interior and exterior design. We can even design tyres. Design the side wall and even the tire tread of your Audi. Do this like we achieve the big picture: with tireless attention to detail. We add personality and character to every detail of your bespoke Audi.


Audi bespoke interior paints

Niels van Roij Design has a clear goal. To offer you the highest level of coachbuilding. Our tailor-made personalisation services presents you with an endless range of car design solutions. A bespoke matt paint finish by Niels van Roij Design boldly emphasises the powerful bespoke design of every one-off Niels van Roij Design Audi. Matt paint ensures neither light nor shadow is able to obscure the view. There is an appealing exchange between the accurately designed and hand-sculpted surfaces. In contrast, the metallic paint finishes by Niels van Roij Design allow each and every motorcar to shine. The features of your bespoke Audi can be seen in its own special brilliance. Our hand-painted finishes boast matchless shimmering effects. Their individual light refractions and beautiful deep shine creates lasting impressions. Welcome to Niels van Roij Design. Welcome to your new Audi.


Individually designed Audi

The car design exercise begins with you describing your wish. Our team will draw it and will discuss the ideas with you during the design process. You will point us into the right direction. We will help you making it look and feel right. After ideation sketches more refined drawings follow. After these so called renderings, 3D computer design and clay feasibility models will be made. We’ll then proceed to build the design. The fine-tuning process continues until the end of the coachbuilding process. Niels van Roij Design puts the customer at the centre. Our studio accommodates individual needs with exclusively designed one-off models. Made to meet your specific personality and taste. We offer ample composition opportunities, generating tailor-made luxury that brings delight to all senses. With a world exploding with inspiration at your feet, only your imagination is the limit.

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