Aston Martin based shooting brake conversion

Aston Martin based shooting brake conversion by Niels van Roij Design

Certain things inherently feel special. It might be hard to say exactly why. Little design details? Heritage? Aesthetic pleasure? The Aston Martin DB11 is a striking four-seat coupe. Its engine is a jewel. A broad and swelling wave of torque thrusts you along. A 0-60 time of just a few seconds. But maybe looking for something even more special. Something matching your taste like your bespoke suit. An experience of a high-strung two-seater with sufficient luggage space perhaps. A car that would suit your trips and goals. Maybe you want something fast, sharp and reactive. A car comfortable enough to drive for hours at a stretch. Something graceful and evocative. With secret practicality hidden under gorgeous, hand-made bodywork. What about an Aston-Martin based shooting brake conversion by Niels van Roij Design?


New Vantage based Shooting Brake

This is where Niels van Roij Design excels. We can produce something as fast and as nimble as nearly anything on the road. But something with a unique style. Looks that beat just about everything. Worktables laden with pieces of coloured leathers. Beautiful steering wheels with unique inserts. Exclusive colour and material combinations. This is coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design. In other words, the interior of your automobile shows who you are. For instance, yellow embroidery on a dark seat. Similarly, selective stitching for specifically customized seats. Dark green, red trim, yellow embossed logo? Most importantly, from our worktable we will discuss the paints. For instance, solid, metallic, glitter, pearlescent or matt? In addition, create a reserved personalized colour. Rims of different colours and uniquely designed steering wheels? Bespoke headlights? In conclusion, make it unique, make it yours.


DB6 Shooting Brake by Niels van Roij Design

Luxury, sportiness and performance meet design, comfort and versatility. Therefore, our design ideas are the best-in-class. The only in class. However, unique driving dynamics, do not stand alone. Performance alongside its unmistakable elegance of design. Above all, your personal shooting brake can embody the characteristics of your soul. Sporty, elegant, luxurious, or off-road. In addition, no car is more suitable for everyday driving in a range of environments. Luxury, style and beauty combined with high performance. Our conversion will guarantee the best performance and control under any driving condition. That’s what makes Niels van Roij Design coachbuilding feel so inherently special.

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