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About Niels van Roij Design

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we do what we do

We have a fascination for people. We believe it is important to be well informed: designers serve society and should therefore be familiar with it. Our team has a passion for design, from understanding the holistic overview to the smallest little detail. We love improving, iterating, researching and – the most important feature of our skill set – listening. Good design can make the world, and your tailor made motor car, a better place.


we do what we do

We are car design consultants and particularly interested in what a design can do to a human being. We have a broad interest, are curious and critical. Research is key to us and the starting point for everything we do. We get to the bare essence: question the question. Our studio is in The Netherlands, our associates network is big and worldwide. We work autonomous, but love to join forces. We believe design is no veneer. Design is strategy: the strategy of seduction.


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Niels van Roij Design is a multidisciplinary automotive design studio. Our studio is specialized in coachbuilding. We are a design house: we have worked on custom SUV’s, one-off sportcars and bespoke luxury vehicles. Our design process is tailor-made, we design together with our customers: co-design. The clients participate in the design of their handmade, coachbuilt car. Each commission is a collaboration between the vehicle owner and our design team.

About Niels van Roij

Niels van Roij runs an award-winning automotive design studio. He has completed car design and research projects for automotive OEMs. After his career in car design in London, spanning over 10 years, Niels van Roij now solely focusses on car design for coachbuilding.

With a compact team Niels van Roij works from The Netherlands for a variety of clients on coachbuilt, handmade, high-end vehicles. He designed the one-off Shooting Brake based on a Tesla Model S. Currently his design work based on an Italian V12 based motorcar is being executed: the Breadvan Hommage. Various other tailor-made vehicles, on different platforms, are also under construction. Recently the Range Rover based 2-door conversion Adventum Coupe was introduced.

In addition to his car design work, Van Roij writes articles on automotive design. He is also a visiting tutor for various academies and universities worldwide. His work is exhibited internationally, including at the London Transport Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Van Roij delivers keynotes and masterclasses around the world, where he is widely recognised as an inspiring speaker.

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