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About Niels van Roij Design


we do what we do

We have a fascination for people. We believe it is important to be well informed: designers serve society and should therefore be familiar with it. Our team has a passion for design, from understanding the holistic overview to the minutest little detail. We love improving, iterating, researching and – the most important feature of our skill set – listening. Design can make the world – and your organization or your tailor made motor car – a better place. Finding out how can be challenging, confronting and labour intensive. But if you think good design is expensive: look at the cost of bad design.


we do what we do

We are design consultants and particularly interested in what a design can do to a human being. We have a broad interest, are curious and critical. Research is key to us and the starting point for everything we do. We get to the bare essence: question the question. Our studio is in London, our associates everywhere. Our team has backgrounds in car design, marketing and design thinking. The core team is small and London based, our associates network is big and worldwide. We work autonomous, but love to join forces. Design is no veneer. Design is strategy: the strategy of seduction.


we do – and how we could be useful to you

Niels van Roij Design is a London-based multidisciplinary design studio. It specializes in vehicle design. We are a design house – we design cars, brand DNA’s and coach-built vehicles. We have worked on concept cars and London taxi’s, design strategies and bespoke vehicles. Our design process is tailor made: we co-design with our clients to shape their organization, whilst patrons will participate in the design of their hand crafted, coach-built motorcars. Every commission is a collaboration between the vehicle’s guardian and our London based design team.

Awards & Nominations
Winner – The Worshipfull Company of Carmen Award
Winner – Age UK: Award for Inclusive Design
Winner – Helen Hamlyn: Design Award for Creativity
Winner – Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Fellowship
Winner – The Worshipful Company of Coachmakers
Winner – Rolls-Royce sponsored project
Shortlisted – Pininfarina Design Competition
Shortlisted – CDN Interior Motives Design Awards
Shortlisted – Centenary Bursary Award

Let’s meet.

We are looking forward to meeting you – in your office, in London, or anywhere else in the world.
Our team, based in London and in mainland Europe, are happy to discuss your vision.

Selected exhibitions
Victoria & Albert Museum – London Design Festival (UK)
The Old Sessions House – London Design Festival (UK)
New Taxis for London – Mayors Office London (UK)
Inclusive car interior – London Transport Museum (UK)

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