A one off sportscar

Designing your perfect Lamborghini, Range Rover or Maserati

Is your favourite car focused firmly on the track or perfect for regular use on the road? For instance a Maybach, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz? Alternatively, do you prefer technology developed during racing or all comfort and functionality? In addition, do you want a true “Gran Turismo,” with a two-door layout and luxurious appointments throughout? Imagine your beautifully upholstered luggage compartment. Or a carbon fibre detachable hardtop? Above all, we will make your car truly yours. in other words, our work can respect the your favourite motorcars recognizable proportions. Alternatively, we can redesign its exterior drastically. In other words, we can make a two-door coupe out of your saloon or SUV. Or we can coachbuilt a new body from the ground up. Most importantly, the new design will express your unique personality. In addition, we will design modifications inspired by you, made by our craftspeople.


Dramatically styled for you

For instance, we can redesign the surface language based on your preferences. For instance a more relaxed shoulders and a softer feature line? On the other hand a stylish flush door handles in order to keep the design of your car as pure as possible? We can do this. Imagine complementing colours. A tasteful contrasting black roof backed by gray paint. Trim work finished in piano black, gun metal gray, birch wood. An aggressive grille and squinty headlights can be designed around your ideas. Dramatically styled, subtly designed. Bold rocker panels that ground your car. A pair of uniquely designed LED taillights in an powerful rear end. Seductive waistline and a proud stance, based on your Pagani, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Spyker, TVR or Tesla. Your car, specifically designed for you.


A bespoke, inviting car interior

Elegant burgundy piping over cream leather. Your seats featuring a new quilting scheme designed specifically to match the interior of your yacht. Velvet-like nubuck hide, turned aluminum trim, multi-tone cross stitching. Your personal ideas adding to the atmosphere of the carefully curated and designed interior. Perhaps a small, embossed flag or a logo on the seat backrests. Everyting is conceived, designed and built for you. Niels van Roij Design will be transforming your dream into reality. An initial stage of analysis and stylistic research evolved into the definition of the surfaces and the construction and assembly. Constant interaction between design, engineering and you. The lines of the your ideas expressed in the muscularity of the body. Hand built entirely out of coachbuilt aluminium or computer controlled carbon.

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