Coachbuilding’s True Potential: Niels van Roij Design’s Masterpiece

Coachbuilding still has a place, albeit not among the grand marques but, in this instance, in the Netherlands. There, car designer Niels van Roij, specializing in high-end customization, unveiled the antidote to poor work by other brand’s creations.

Three-Door Range Rover: A Study in Superior Taste

Van Roij’s coachbuilt effort, isn’t destined for air-conditioned garages, Monte Carlo nightclubs, or Middle Eastern concours d’élégance. Instead, it’s a practical, delicately honed variation on an existing car—the ubiquitous Range Rover.

Range Rover Coupé: A Timeless Classic Reimagined

A three-door Range Rover is hardly a new concept. For its first decade, this was the only kind of Range Rover available. Moreover, Jaguar Land Rover advertised a modern take based on the current L405-generation car less than two years ago and even showed a prototype at the last Paris Motor Show.

JLR’s Canceled Coupé: A Missed Opportunity for Luxury Design

Yet, this Range Rover coupé was quickly canceled as part of JLR’s cost-cutting measures. This was not a significant loss, given the designers’ temptation to make this version more “athletic” than the standard car, with inevitable consequences. The lowered roofline, huge wheels, additional air vents, and brightwork gave this Range Rover an ungainly macho appearance, clashing with the dignified essence of the SUV.

Adventum Coupé: The Pinnacle of Discreet Luxury

Through superior taste, van Roij did a considerably better job than his counterparts at Gaydon. His three-door Range Rover, dubbed Adventum Coupé, maintains the base car’s upright, formal stance, losing not just two doors but also the mock air vent graphics on the front doors. The result is a more sober design than the car it is based upon, contrasting sharply with its flashier competition from Gaydon and Crewe, which certainly didn’t skimp on the tinsel.



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