Does every car that comes through the Sonderwunsch programme have to be roadworthy?

Not if the customer doesn’t require it, but most do want to drive their custom cars. Most customers want to feel the car, not just store or display it. Driving their car is usually the strongest wish.

What are some wild and wonderful Sonderwunsch ideas you receive?

We receive many cool and interesting, but sometimes very unique, requests! In these cases, we check if it’s a fit for what the customer wants and for our brand. We can build some extraordinary vehicles, but communication with the customer is essential to ensure the end result is exactly as they wish.

What’s the timeframe for a typical Sonderwunsch build?

Developing a car typically takes around one to three years, depending on the scope. The first year is crucial for defining the final concept with the customer and determining what is and isn’t possible. Then we create new parts, conduct testing, and consider regulations.

What makes Niels van Roij Design cars unique?

Almost everything. The combination of the powertrain, chassis, and body is unique. From the powertrain and body components.From specially manufactured, rear spoiler in the ducktail style to double bubble roof and individualised, one-off rims.

How does it feel at the end of an epic Sonderwunsch project?

It makes you very proud, especially after such a long process. Collaborating with the clients to build this car, and seeing everyone’s happiness and pride in the final result, is incredibly rewarding. This special vehicle feels like our baby.



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