A client wanted a modern take on the Breadvan

In the mid-2010s, van Roij was approached by a client who wanted a modern take on the Breadvan. The designer, likening his role to that of a tailor, emphasized that his process revolves around fulfilling an individual customer’s needs and vision.

“Unlike some tuners who prioritize showiness, we are the opposite,” says van Roij. “My clients create cars for themselves, not for others. They seek a deeper connection with the vehicle. For most, the process of co-designing the car over one and a half to two and a half years is more important than the final product. Even the most prestigious manufacturers find it hard to achieve this level of client intimacy.”

What donor car?

Similar to the original Breadvan, the modern version would be based on a road-going Ferrari. But which model to choose?

“Clients often come with an idea, and I help bring it to life,” van Roij continues. “Choosing the base car is part of this process and often involves philosophical discussions. To stay true to the spirit of the 250 GT, we needed a model with a front-mounted V12 and a manual transmission. After years of mid-engined Ferraris, the 550 Maranello was the first modern Ferrari to follow this formula. It represents the short wheelbase of today.”

Ferrari collector

The next phase involved gathering detailed information about the original Breadvan. For this, van Roij consulted Jean-Louis Bezemer, a Dutch collector who owned the largest Ferrari archive in the world at the time.

“We spent days with him, retracing the car’s entire history and translating key elements onto a modern vehicle,” recalls van Roij. “My goal is to refine the original design so seamlessly that people don’t notice it has been modified.”

After extensive research, it was time to design the new bodywork. Van Roij began with what he calls ideation drawings. More can be found on this website.



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